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tapas mishra

For more than a decade Tapas has created breakthrough experiences for top of the line organizations and over half a million people. He is the Co-Founder of Rebootclub.org and is focused on creating transformations for organizations and individuals to live their best lives using timeless leadership principles.

Breaking the monotony of One-Sided talks and Power Point Presentations, Tapas Mishra’s high on Energy, Engaging and Impactful Sessions have always spelled Dramatic and Tangible results for organizations enabling participants to reach the Pinnacle of Success! With his +Fun Experiential Learning Sessions, Tapas guarantees to move the audience to take charge and go beyond and deliver best results. He has authored 3 motivational and 2 Technical Training books and all of them are best sellers.

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The amazon best seller book “Reboot You” authored by Tapas is available on amazon. 2000 copies sold. Grab your copy right now.  

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