Best Webcam For Webinars

Hey Tapas, Can you please advise me which is the best webcam I should buy, This is not the first time this question poped out of my whatsapp. This one of the most frequently asked questions that arrive at me. This time it has come from one of my special friend Priyankini.

Best webcam, a difficult choice considering plenty of options available in the market. In this episode I have personally evaluated 5 different products on multiple parameters and finally arrived at the following conclusion. After going through this vlog your quest for the best webcam will end for ever.

The best webcams are the most vital tools of the trade today as the world is shifting to Online mode .
In this day and age, they’ve become quite important for all households as well due to lock down.
More and more people are working from home, and needing to connect with loved ones from far away. And so, these peripherals are becoming relevant again.

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